In 2010 Richard Layard, Geoff Mulgan and Anthony Seldon launched Action for Happiness - a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society.  This has evolved into a massive global community, with almost 60,000 members from 170 countries. Our global patron is the Dalai Lama and we draw upon the knowledge of the world's leading experts in happiness, including Martin Seligman, Mathieu Ricard, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Daniel Kahneman and Barbara Fredrickson. 

We have no religious, political or commercial affiliations and welcome people of all faiths (or none). Click here to see the core beliefs behind our movement.


We launched in Australia in 2016, and while we have an older, wiser sibling to guide and support us, we will be finding our uniquely Australian way to bring more happiness and compassion to our community.

Action for Happiness Australia's mission is to create a happier and more compassionate society by helping individuals and communities take practical action to improve their well-being and help make others happier too. As with the global team our work is based on the latest scientific evidence of what really works. Our aim is to spread the science of happiness to individuals and communities across Australia as well as influencing institutions and government.

Action for Happiness Australia is a health promotion charity (ABN 37823730307). We are run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about creating a happier society.

Our volunteer board comprises Zoe Horzella (Chair), Dr Jo Mitchell and Marc Jongebloed (Deputy Chairs), Simon O'Neil (treasurer), Tracie Schmutter (secretary),  Associate Professor Aaron Jarden, Professor Lindsay Oades, Persia Gough and Tegan Davies.


We can't do this alone. To create a happier and more compassionate society we need to collaborate with like-minded partners. People and organisations we are happy to be supported by or working with include The Mind Room, the University of Melbourne's Centre for Positive Psychology and Dr Michael F. Steger.